Live stream from HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen 22.6.2019

The launch is scheduled for 11 a.m. local time, the stream will start approximately one hour before launch. We try to cover the preparation work as well as the live stream from the balloon itself, additionally information like tracking, telemetry and information about the project will be provided during the stream.


We want to start a high altitude balloon using the callsign DB0TTM, with payload on 2m, 70cm and 13cm [see payload]. This is propably world wide the first time a high altitude balloon started by amateur radio operators carries a HAMNET payload. In other words we plan a high speed network connection between the ground station and the high altitude balloon. We use the network connection for a HD video stream that is forwared to the HamCloud and the Internet. Because of the big travell distance and the complex modulation scheme a tracked antenna with a high gain is needed at ground station. The direction for the antenne is calculated from the position delivered by the APRS Frames. If everything works well we loose connection at a distance of 70km+, to provide a video stream from a bigger distance a mobile ground station is planed. The video from the mobile ground station is transfered back to the groundstation in Friedrichshafen and processed like the original stream.

In the end we plan to recover the payload after the balloon burts.


The Payload is devided into three parts, each is working autonomous and don't not rely on each other.
block diagram payload


Ralf, DH3WR
Michael, DL2SEK
Jens, DL4AAS
Pico, DF8AK
Lucas, OE2LSP

Special Thanks to: equinox, Jann, OE5DXL, Tom,
Team Faszination Amateurfunk
Without the help of many others, not named in this list, this project would not be possible.

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